Web development marketing – the power of first impression of an app

We judge people based on their appearance and behavior – a book by its cover. It’s the same with web development marketing.

Web development marketing – the power of first impression of an app


And what thoughts guide us when we look at an application for the first time? It turns out the process is quite similar. The first impression is everything. Today a few words about how the first seconds of interacting with an application might determine its success in the market.


Can you fall in love with an application?


As research shows, people need just 11 seconds of contact with a person they just met to form an opinion about them. That opinion is very difficult to change later. How is our brain able to make a decision so quickly and form an opinion about a person? Mainly by receiving nonverbal cues – gestures, facial expressions (that makes up more than 50% of the information). Qualities like appearance, a smile or self-confidence are also assessed. How they speak is also significant. 40% of communication is in fact the tone and sound of the voice. Unfortunately, the least important part is what people say to us (only 7%). No wonder that all communication experts emphasize the importance of first impressions. This is exactly what good web development marketing is all about.


The concept refers mainly to interpersonal relationships, but this model of behavior, of course, applies to not only to the assessment of people. How many times have you left a restaurant only because you didn’t like its decor? Gave up on a book because the introduction was too long or turn off the record after the first sounds? It’s the same with all products and services. If you want to succeed in web development marketing, you have to understand that the first look at a web page, the first twenty seconds of using an application is enough to judge it as simple and functional, or badly designed.


This whole process is very similar to… falling in love – you meet someone and if you are interested, want to know them better. If the webpage is clear and functional, you stay longer and read more about the project!


How they see you…


Where does a potential customer look for information about a product? On the product page, of course. They look up your product on the Internet and find your landing page. This is your first chance to get them interested and grab their attention for a little bit longer. The first view of the landing page can determine how the application will be assessed. If it is poorly received, that can discourage the user from even trying the application. However, if it arouses positive feelings, it may, in accordance with the so-called “halo effect”, bring about a positive assessment of the other features of the app.


The next factor immediately following appearance in importance, both in interpersonal relations and the acceptance of products and services, is “attitude”. What does this mean for application developers? An app should interact with the user, show its personality and that of the creator.  For a product to be viewed positively, it must meet basic needs. One of the most important needs according to Maslow is safety. This is how our product should be shown – as safe, honest and trustworthy. We should also remember that people are always scared of the unknown. Man thinks schematically, and his brain likes to use stereotypes. Most research shows that people better evaluate websites that have a standard layout. In their opinion they are more useful, user-friendly and prettier.


Startups and custom web application development lead photo

Startups and custom web application development

When designing applications, developers focus primarily on its functionalities and forget many other important elements. What should they consider when making applications for the market? The most basic mistake made when designing a website is not paying attention to content (ie. empty dashboards) and page design that’s too intricate (visual complexity). A product website should be simple and clear to look at and read.


How to make the best first impression?


Okay, so your client is already interested in the application and decided to contact you through the registration form. What you should do to not lose his attention at this point? Let’s walk through the vital points:

  • Landing Page. When designing a landing page, you should remember that the email sent to the customer will have to include relevant links. A landing page usually has a clear goal: to make a sale or get contact information. This process should be as easy as possible.
  • Account Creation. Nothing scares users off as much as an unfriendly and time-consuming process of creating an account. Guide your user in 2-3 steps, letting them know that it only takes a moment.
  • First email. Not just one short, ordinary sentence. The first email contact should be short, but it’s worth it already at this point to show emotions – thank the user for their trust and inform them about the high quality of your services.
  • Login. The login form and the registration form is the simplest but most neglected part of the website. Signatures and error messages can sometimes put off users and do not encourage the entry of data. A well-designed form should inspire confidence, not be very time-consuming and should be personalized.
  • Sign in. An element that is often forgotten. That’s definitely a mistake. Often, while waiting to log on to the application, nothing is displayed on the screen. Maybe you should think about a short, catchy text?


After “picking up” the customer you should remember about some activities which help to take care of the relationship, like newsletters or company updates. Any actions in the field of customer care management and post-transactions activities are also very important and will help you to keep a good impression for even longer. After all, you know what they say about first impressions: you never get a second chance to make them great!

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