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Companies that develop and service their own products (especially in the ICT area) constantly maintain and train their resources to be capable of coming up with solutions on par with latest trends. An alternative is to outsource some of the tasks to another company specialized in a given area. Learn why the IT outsourcing Poland trend is on the rise and why Krakow is the perfect place to take you web development outsourcing to.


Polish companies with practical experience in developing web apps, mobile apps, servers, e-commerce platforms or HTML5 browser games are highly sought-after, having worked for the likes of Samsung, Dodge, Adobe or Discovery. It’s easy to notice it. And one doesn’t even need to go to great lengths to see it. Just type searches such as “software house Poland“, “software development Poland“, “web development Poland” or “Java developer Poland” in Google and see for yourself.

Nowadays we can observe that the fear of turning to outsourcing services, so evident only 5–10 years ago, is gradually disappearing. Back then, such companies had no choice but to dedicate a lot of its efforts to convincing potential consumers that outsourcing is safe. Today that time may be used to better understand the consumer’s needs and devise the most appropriate plan.

Most surprisingly, it was the need to save, caused by the recent financial crisis, that contributed to ending unfair outsourcing stereotypes. In search of savings, a lot of companies took a risk and outsourced their tasks only to realize that it’s nothing to be afraid of. One of those companies was De Persgroep Publishing, who commissioned a Polish company to developer a web and mobile app to manage medal classification during the last Summer Olympics in London. The Gong Creative Agency turned to external teams of experienced developers to create a series of responsive apps, in line with today’s trends and web standards.


Front-end — understanding over pricing

Every web project developed today requires special effort to make it mobile-friendly, a lot of testing to make sure that it displays correctly in different browsers and, more often than not, extra actions to make this site/app so much as semi-compatible with older browsers. What’s really the most important for the company developing an outsourced project, however, is to understand the specific conditions of the consumer’s market. This particular aspect is becoming the true strong suit and a bargaining chip for companies specialized in outsourced projects in the field of front-end web and app development. Aside of obvious skills in technologies such HTML5, advanced use of CSS3 features, JavaScript or in experience design, those companies excel at swiftly understanding the context in which the project is being developed.

It may sound funny, but a consumer from the beekeeping market is actually expecting the outsourcing company to be at least as knowledgeable about the subject matter as they are.

This prompted UI/UX companies to invest just as much in hard technical skills as in the ability to quickly understand what the consumer does, provide expert knowledge on competition and effective use of related fields.


World-class services in Krakow

The presence of reputable technical universities such as the AGH University of Science and Technology or the Krakow University of Technology and large enterprises such as Allegro, Cisco, IBM, Comarch and Integer make Krakow a true technical center, giving an edge among other cities involved in the IT outsourcing Poland activity. Krakow also has a thriving startup community, which developed wonderful specialists unafraid to step out of their comfort zone. You can find globally famous internet of things companies like Estimote or, first-class developers and designers of web and mobile apps, such as the late Sensinum, and popular tech conferences (Mobile Trends Conference, ACE!, Atmosphere).

The conditions specific to small companies allowed a lot of young and talented people to develop unique and complex approach to product development. Startup projects require each involved individual to employ a holistic view of the product. As a result, Krakow companies are recommended as those capable of determining the problems of their consumers and the best solutions available.

It’s also worth it to notice that the Krakow IT community always stood out as dynamic and active in terms of international cooperation. Years of fruitful cooperation with western companies developed a similar work ethics, mentality and understanding of mutual expectations.

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