How to develop an app that actually makes money?

Do you have a business idea that you would like to turn into a web app that ranks among the most profitable apps? Or perhaps you have already tried, but were left disappointed with poor reception and unsatisfying growth. Among many things that might have gone wrong it may be that you picked a wrong software house. Learn how a software house that understands web based application development can help you become an owner of one of the most profitable apps.


A study by Geneca indicated that 78 percent of all people involved in software development project believe that business objectives are usually or always out of sync with project requirements. A more recent research by Compuware implies that up to 90 percent of all downloaded apps are only ever used once and never again. These are just some of the figures that show just how unpolished software that hits the market tends to be. One of the main reasons why this happens is that to many developers the word “improving” covers only the technical aspects of the software project. But a good software house is a lot more than just a machine that spits out other people’s ideas neatly packaged in code, frameworks and fancy UI.

There is a good chance that there is nothing wrong with your software. But market wants more than just an app that works. It wants and app that solves real life problems. Choosing the right web based application development company brings you closer to an app like this.


Market focused web based application development

Millions of web and mobile apps have already been developed. As the facts above indicate, most of them failed. But a whole lot of them succeeded, bringing their owners significant profits. In every niche there are already many apps that meet the needs of their target audience. An experienced software house saw and produced apps like these for a plethora of clients. It knows what kind of features are invaluable and what features are destined for obscurity. Nowadays users require much more from their apps than just the ability to store data. Machine learning algorithms make it possible for both web and mobile apps to interact with their users on a whole new level. A good example would be our building management web app that takes advantage of speech analysis algorithms to give persons with disabilities voice control over the building.


How are the most profitable apps made – software house’s input reaches far beyond IDE

A stereotypical image of a developer sitting behind its desk and typing into their code editor is not easily acceptable in software houses that pride themselves in delivering marketable products. Their knowledge reaches far beyond the technical aspects of web development and includes areas such as:

  • Field knowledgeSensinum has spent hundreds of hours developing machine learning algorithms-enhanced web applications and Internet of Things solutions as well as deepening the understanding of the Software as a Service distribution model. Motion Lab is one of the finest examples of it – it’s an advanced web app that allows doctors for a touchless evaluation of a patient’s motion. Its algorithms conduct digital signal processing, providing knowledge necessary to assess the progress of neurodegenerative diseases. Such experiences helped us understand both the current potential and limitations of each of those fields, allowing us to save much of our customer’s time.
  • Lean Startup – entrepreneurs that did their homework appreciate the Lean approach to doing startups. They test their startup idea to improve or completely change their initial assumptions. Read on to learn how your software house can help you go Lean with Agile.


Agile approach means continuous improvement

For startups it often makes sense to develop their software in stages. Once a minimal version that includes only core features is complete, startup entrepreneurs turn to the market to get feedback and return to the developer to implement it. This allows them to minimize the risk of failure. Sometimes a decision is made to completely revamp the core functionality or change the target audience based on the feedback. Sensinum knows a lot about the Lean approach and practices Agile to perfect the staged-based (iterative) approach to web based application development. Sensinum uses Atlassian JIRA to track its project development and combines the advantages of Scrum and Kanban to come up with its very own take on it.


When it comes to development speed…

…software houses are incomparably faster than in-house developers or IT departments. Having practiced Agile and developing advanced web solutions for years, they have come up with their own unique ways to speed things up without compromising quality. If the time to market plays an important role, an experienced software house is indispensable.


The importance of scalability in web based application development

Web based application development is not just about speed, but also about the scalability. That’s because developing an app that doesn’t take into consideration further extensions of the existing features and an influx of masses of new users is tantamount to assuming that it will not take off so it will not need to accommodate the scale! A good web application development company will make a correct decision regarding the initial technology stack (for example: Java Spring MVC Framework with AngularJS). Learn more about the most popular programming languages used by Sensinum everyday – What is the best programming language to learn in 2016?

Sensinum is a Polish software house aiming to provide the best software development services to companies, marketing agencies and teams. If you need a subcontractor or you’d like a software house team to help you in your own project, Sensinum is the answer. Our developers will easily figure out how they can support your work and will stay on the line with you until the job is done. With Sensinum, you can develop one of the most profitable apps. To make sure that we are what you need, contact us and consult your software idea for free.

Sensinum Team
Sensinum Team