Running a startup – perception and reality

Most likely, every IT specialist has dreamed of running his or her own company at some point in their life. Is this really a great opportunity? What’s it actually like? What are the pitfalls of software development for startups


Where did the idea for startups come from?

You finish college, start working in an IT company, gain experience and at some point come to the conclusion that by choosing a different way, you could gain more. You realize that your boss doesn’t appreciate you, and you think you could do the project better then him. You come up with your own design. You’re tempted by power, freedom and flexible work hours. You become an entrepreneur! This is the moment when ideas end and reality begins.


Myth #1: I decide what I create

Starting a business is tempting. First of all, you want to have total control over a project. But you have to know that your product will fit with the market. You don’t create a project, the market creates and changes it. Your clients will determine what your company will create.


Myth # 2 No one will tell me what to do

You stand at the head of the team. That is true. You’re the most important person in the company structure. But it is not true that don’t you have to listen. All of your clients are your bosses – they tell you what to do and when to do it. Your boss may also be an investor.

You also take full responsibility for the company, for its employees and their families. You have to always remember this.


Myth # 3: Everybody will love my product

Unfortunately not. If you think you’ve made a product that everybody needs and loves, chances are that a large corporation has already begun to produce it. You won’t win against them. You have a choice: to create a product for the masses that nobody will use or to create product for a smaller group of people who will actually love it.


Myth #4: Freedom

So, you have flexible working hours. But you work 24 hours per day. The only thing that you can choose is when you’ll work during those 24 hours. You have to plan everything in advance. You work more than your employees. You take your computer and your phone on holidays. Being an entrepreneur is a never-ending story.

Startup people in custom web application development lead photo

Startup people in custom web application development


Myth # 5: Earnings

Your earnings are dependent on the earnings of the company. You have to remember that they can be much higher than a salary, but for months there may not be any at all. For the first year you have to invest any surplus, to put it back into the company.


Myth #6: My company will be cool

You want to create the next Facebook or Google; a place where people want to work and relax. Your office will have a pleasant interior with a comfortable chill zone. The truth is that in the first few months there is no time to be cool. The chill room will be yet another place for talking about the company, clients and projects, not a room where you play Xbox.


Myth #7: Peace and calm

Tired of loud open spaces, office gossips and constant turmoil? In fact, as an entrepreneur you will likely work entirely alone or in a very small team. This has many advantages – silence, a chance for quiet work. But remember: working in a group is more creative. Being an entrepreneur can get a bit lonely sometimes.


Myth #8: Success will come quickly

Absolutely not. 90% of enterprises fail within one year of their founding. A successful company is most of the time one that lasts for 10 years.

Despite everything, are you still sure that you want to start a business? Great! Determination and confidence will definitely help you in this. A fantastic adventure awaits you. Good luck! 🙂

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