5 ways we solve web development outsourcing communication problems

Practically every time we make a contact with another potential customer, interested in web development outsourcing, we are asked a certain set of questions that have to do with communication. It’s understandable. Due to the geographical distance, web development outsourcing communication problems can make or break a project (learn more about how to rescue an it project). What’s more, many companies have bad experiences with low quality software houses.

At Sensinum, we believe that flawless communication since day 1 is decisive for the success of your web development project. To ensure the success, we’re offering our clients help in preparing project specification as well as the proof of concept in software development and eagerly participate in the project kickoff meeting. What else do we do to make you feel as if we were right behind the corner?


#1 Meet with you in person as many times as it’s necessary

Since web development outsourcing struggles with the image of a cheap alternative to hiring developers on a home market, many companies are afraid that so much as the opportunity to meet face to face with your outsourcing partner to talk things over may be too much to ask for. And everyone experienced in software development knows just how important meetings like these are. Our project kickoff meeting article explained that Sensinum indeed is very eager to meet with their client on-site at the beginning of the process. But this is likely not the last time you will see us in person.

If the situation calls for it, we will fly to your site to discuss the project underway. You can also visit us anytime in Krakow. Some additional in person meetings can also be scheduled during the initial planning stage. Most importantly though, the planning stage and project kickoff meeting may prove absolutely sufficient if both Sensinum and your company give their best at that time to come up with a strong foundation for the project.


#2 …especially if you are in UK

As Sensinum works with the UK-based clients on a daily basis, we regularly fly to the UK every month to meet with some of them. For us, it’s no more than a 3-4 hour trip between Poland’s major cities Krakow and Warsaw. What’s more, since there’s only one hour of difference between Poland and the UK, the working hours in both countries are almost identical, which makes communication significantly easier. You’ll be able to hear from us almost immediately as long as you contact us in the daytime.


3# Give you a chance to talk to us EVERYDAY and whenever you need

For a long time, Sensinum has been successfully implementing Scrum development process. In accordance with the best practices of the Scrum methodology, we tend to hold an online meeting with the client regularly every two weeks. It takes a few hours and involves a full overview of all the new developments in the project. There are no particular rules to a meeting like this, but it is highly recommended that all team members present during the project kickoff meeting participate. We also hold a short 10-15 minute stand-up meeting every morning during the development process. During the meeting each team member answers three questions:

  • Have you completed all of your tasks yesterday?
  • What were the challenges you faced?
  • What are you going to work on today?

The client is more than welcome to join in whenever they feel the need to.


#4 Encourage you to use the communication tools you like the most

What is your favorite communication tool? We are more than ready to adapt to your preferences. We’ve been using Skype, Google Hangouts as well as teleconferencing. Choosing the preferred option is one of the many things we should determine during the initial phase we covered in the project specification article we mentioned before.


#5 Let you always be up to date with the development process

We’ve been successfully implementing Atlassian JIRA as our project management tool of choice. In web development outsourcing, it’s essential to have a great online project management tool that allows every single team member to easily participate in bug tracking, problem solving and task-oriented communication. You can read in one of our previous articles why we believe that JIRA makes a really good Agile project tracker. However, if you are not a fan of this tool, there is no reason why we’re not going to pick another that is more to your liking.

Online communication with an overseas software house is only one of many ways you can communicate with your developers. There will also be many occasions to meet in person. What’s the most important, however, is to organize the process well from the start so that by the time we start meeting online regularly, we all understand all the key objectives and deliverables of the project.


Sensinum is a web application development company that provides expert web development outsourcing enhanced by machine learning algorithms. If you need a quality software house to take care of your web project, contact us. Let’s both see how we can turn it into a magnificent product.

In-house in UK vs Sensinum outsourcing differences
. In-house team in UK WebDev Outsourcing from UK to Sensinum
Face to face meetings Regularly (once per month or more often) Regularly (once per month)
The time needed to organize an unscheduled meeting A few hours A few days
Communication online Bad – the team is not used to carrying out meetings online; the communication suffers if the project manager is out of the office Good – great communication based on years of experience regardless of where the project manager is
Tools Any of your choice Any of your choice
(Skype, Google Hangouts, teleconferencing)
Quality High – Low, depending on the experience of your team High, proven by a diverse portfolio of advanced web development projects
Costs High to very high Moderate (around 50% that of the in-house team)

Sensinum is a Polish software house providing top of the line software development services to companies, marketing agencies and teams. Whether you need a subcontractor or want to cooperate with a software house on your own project, teaming up with Sensinum means satisfaction. You get seamless communication and experienced developers who regularly work on advanced projects. To make sure that we are what you need, contact us and consult your software idea for free.

Sensinum Team
Sensinum Team