OLAP cubes to analyze measurements from the BMS-class system

OLAP cubes and the measurements in BMS-class systems

The customer

The Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster is a joint initiative of dozens of companies, universities, research institutes and business support institutions that develop, deploy and bring to market innovative technologies in the field of construction. The Institute of Consulting Co. is a coordinator of this initiative. It is a business organization that since 1996 has worked to ensure sustainable development of the Polish economy by supporting innovative and enterprise activity. Among the members of the Cluster are entrepreneurs (including the Krakow Technology Park) and universities (including Jagiellonian University and AGH). The Cluster also promotes ecological construction and autonomous housing.

The problem

In developing the technology model for the construction of passive buildings, assumptions are made that ultimately may differ from reality. The validation of a real object for compliance with the previously established model makes it possible to improve the technology. For this purpose, it is necessary to have a tool for collecting large amounts of data from the object and storing the information about all of the completed measurements, as well as historical data.


The solution

The project goal was to develop and implement a data warehouse that collects measurements from a series of sensors installed in passive buildings. In addition, data entry processes were developed and ETL tools were configured. The final stage of the project was to implement software that allows for multidimensional OLAP analysis through operations such as reeling, unreeling, selection, screening, cutting, sorting and rotation, using OLAP cubes.


The implementation of the software during the BMS-class system pilot installation allowed us to gather a large amount of test data and to perform basic analyses. The dedicated data warehouse will record the monitored parameters of the building in real systems and allow for further research and the development of technology for autonomous buildings.

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