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3 important areas of eHealth where SaaS solutions excel

When looking at the eHealth sector (a sector where the ICT market addresses the needs of healthcare), we can see that significant investments from the last couple of years have been made within several specific sub-areas. Within the U.S. itself, eHealth investments exceeded $4 billion in 2014.

Modern technology helps fight chronic diseases

Chronic diseases are now the biggest threat to humanity – as many as 63% of deaths worldwide are caused by chronic diseases. Which diseases threaten us most and how can we guard ourselves against them? Will modern technology allow us to deal with this pressing problem?

Technical and administration challenges in healthcare

A report published by demographers of the European Union concerning social structure proves that we live in society that is rapidly getting older. According to all predictions, in 2050 people in the 65+ age group will represent one third of the population of Poland. Not surprisingly, discussions regarding healthcare law, spending on care for the elderly and control over medical facilities have arisen once again.

Telecare – a choice between safety and violating privacy?

Thanks to technological development, more and more solutions that enable the monitoring of the elderly, dependent or those living alone are available on the market. The more we care about their safety, the more we violate their privacy. Where do we draw the line?

A touchless method of assessing a patient’s motor dysfunctions in neurodegenerative diseases

The project’s goal was to create a web-based system that through using modern 3D cameras would allow a touchless analysis of patient’s upper limb movements. Therefore it would be possible to perform an objective assessment of the patient’s motor dysfunction, together with a quantitative description of each symptom. The system was developed using HTML5 and AngularJS technologies, thus can be run in any web browser on any computer. During the project we also developed specialized algorithms for data analysis based on digital signals.