A touchless method of assessing a patient’s motor dysfunctions in neurodegenerative diseases

The project’s goal was to create a web-based system that through using modern 3D cameras would allow a touchless analysis of patient’s upper limb movements. Therefore it would be possible to perform an objective assessment of the patient’s motor dysfunction, together with a quantitative description of each symptom. The system was developed using HTML5 and AngularJS technologies, thus can be run in any web browser on any computer. During the project we also developed specialized algorithms for data analysis based on digital signals.

A modern web-based application for local government units to manage health programs

The problem: Conducting health programs in the absence of appropriate IT tools severely limits access to current and consistent information and significantly impedes the final settlement of programs. Local government units need a comprehensive IT solution that will speed up access to project information, facilitate communication with the implementers of health programs, ensure consistency and automatic verification of the collected data and enable the creation of an annual report in accordance with the regulations of the Minister of Health.