Brexit of software developers? Try web development outsourcing

Millions are scared. Millions are excited. But no one really knows exactly what kind of changes Brexit will bring to British people as well as everyone else who lives or visits U.K.  But as they say: a stitch in time saves nine. Since many people are afraid of a massive exodus of foreign software developers from U.K., we decided to provide some advice for British companies that are already looking to secure their software development services capability and find a software development company that will not be affected by Brexit.


For better or worse – Brexit is real

Some could probably be able to argue for hours whether Brexit is a good or bad thing for the U.K. But one thing is certain – the deed has been done. On June 23th British people voted to leave the European Union. While the referendum is not legally binding, many experts expect the British government to invoke the Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union and leave the EU.

Here is another thing that is certain. The initial reaction of businesses and economy in general is clearly hurting the U.K. For example, the British Treasury predicts that house prices in the U.K. could potentially drop by up to 18% in the next two years as the cost of mortgages will rise due to “economic shock”. The pound hit a 30 year low in June. At the same time, according to the survey by the Institute of Directors, the majority of businesses believe that Brexit will subsequently cause a lot of investors to withdraw huge amounts of money in pounds off shared values.

Doesn’t sound too good, does it? But we’re talking software development here. The question we’re the most interested in is:


What does Brexit mean for software development services?

Again, there are still many uncertainties (or, if you prefer, nothing but uncertainties). However, some very interesting findings were reported by the U.K.-based software development company Codemanship. They conducted a poll, asking software developers working in the U.K. whether they are from the U.K., from EU but not U.K. or outside of EU. 32 and 12 percent of respondents respectively chose the second and third option. That would mean that roughly 40% of software developers based in the U.K. can be potentially forced to leave the country. With the total number of software developers in the U.K. in region of 400,000, the presence of about 160,000 developers is in question.

Now, no one really needs to panic at this point. First of all, it’s not impossible that some deal will be made to prevent this exodus from actually happening. Perhaps, even the Brexit itself will amount to nothing. And even if it does happen, it will take at least a few years for the exodus to begin. On the other hand, the sheer perspective is downright scary considering just how many complex software projects British companies are developing with the help of those foreign specialists on a daily basis.


Offshore software development company to the rescue?

Offshore software development already is a popular and attractive alternative to local developers in the eyes of many U.K.-based companies. But as the possibility of losing many skilled local developer becomes increasingly real, it’s natural to expect that it will become even more popular. No surprise there. Outsourcing to an offshore software development company has many benefits. Some of the most important:


  • Providing the client is not a software house itself, it allows your company to fully focus on your core competency.
  • You only pay when you actually need software developers, not all year around as it is the case with in-house developers.
  • Your team stays small and is thus easier to manage and less costly.


Read more about what kind of benefits software development services of an offshore software house bring in another of our articles on IT subcontractor.


Why is Poland a perfect outsourcing destination for British companies?

Of course, not every web development outsourcing company is worthwhile. Some, due to poor quality and communication, may end up causing you trouble. The price range is huge as well – you can find hourly wages of anything between 10$ (some of the lowest prices available in low living cost countries such as India or Pakistan) well over 100$ (in the U.S.).

The real question is: how to find developers that do not cost too much and at the same time are able to provide me with quality software development?

Unlike some particularly cheap offshore software development destinations, Poland has more than just numbers. Polish software developers are considered some of the best in the world thanks to the high quality of education. This can be observed in international programming contests where Polish talents excel on a scale that is really difficult to ignore. At the same time, Poland is still a relatively inexpensive country. The result? Great developers that are available at prices unreachable in countries such as the U.K. or the U.S.

Learn more about the art of getting the very best price-quality ratio in web development outsourcing.


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