Sensors that allow the monitoring of environmental parameters in passive buildings

The customer

A company dedicated to industrial automation and fiber optic technology, in particular to the production of electronic devices and IT infrastructure construction. It has been active on the market for over 20 years, and actively participates in the Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster, which is a collaborative initiative of dozens of companies, universities, research institutes and business support institutions that develop, deploy and bring to market innovative technologies in the field of construction.


The problem

The monitoring of environmental parameters is an integral part of smart building management systems (BMS-class systems). Various key actions related to the safety and comfort of passive building residents depend on them.

The solution

The project’s goal was to design and produce prototype passive building sensors to monitor environmental parameters. To accomplish this we decided to go with the leading standard, KNX, which defines the requirements of electronic devices to monitor and control buildings. Our company has expanded its competence in this area and joined the prestigious, international KNX association.
We designed the desired passive building sensors from scratch, in accordance with the KNX guidelines. They enable the monitoring environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality, sunlight, the presence of people in a room and more. During this process we also wrote dedicated drivers that allow users to configure various devices.


Demo installations of the passive building control system required that the passive building sensors monitoring environmental parameters are installed in every room of the building. Our dedicated sensors will allow the customer not only to significantly improve the profitability of this type of deployment, but also give him the opportunity to begin the production of KNX solutions.

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