5 Reasons Why You Should Go For SaaS Solutions

Software as a service (SaaS) provides businesses of all sizes with many ways to improve performance, save money and time. It’s an especially attractive option for small businesses. One of the most amazing qualities of software as a service is how potentially beneficial it can be despite carrying so little risk. Learn how to incorporate SaaS into your business and make it your competitive advantage.


Only a year ago International Data Corporation (IDC) published a well-circulated study on the growth of the Software as a Service (SaaS) market. According to IDC, the year 2014 saw the field grow to $48.8 billion, which accounted for a 24.4% year to year growth rate. And by 2019, SaaS is predicted to have grown to a whopping $112.8 billion with an average growth rate of 18.3%! There’s a reason for that. SaaS solutions simply make sense.


#1. SaaS solutions provide you with a risk-free environment to test their potential

The process of picking new software for your business may seem like a big step and a lot of problems to take care of. It used to be the case – before SaaS has become a household name. No longer do you have to spend a lot of money upfront just so you can test if it even makes sense for you. You don’t have to invest in IT infrastructure or pay the manufacturer to teach you how to use it either. Quality SaaS solutions provide free trials so you can convince yourself of their capabilities and supreme user experience that limits the time it takes to learn it.


#2. You can save a lot of time and money

Before SaaS solutions have become popular, implementing new software entailed a lot of hassle. Even after companies had taught their employees how to use them and managed to customize it to their liking, new problems quickly arose. Updates required a lot of effort and software bugs were common. Oftentimes, both forced the company to wait for specialists from the software company to pay a visit.

SaaS eliminates the hassle. Well-designed cloud services are easy to use, updates are hardly noticeable for the user and errors are just one of many things you can add to the list of stuff you don’t need to worry about anymore.


#3. Thanks to SaaS solutions, quality software has never been so accessible

Instead of several dozens physical copies of the software and special requirements, all you need is a browser. Yes. A browser. A program that is free and familiar since you probably use it everyday. That means that all your employees can benefit from SaaS solutions wherever they are – both using desktops and mobile devices of all sorts.

Mobile channel is increasingly important – with a SaaS web application, your employees can use the software on the go wherever and whenever they want.


#4. SaaS solutions grow along with your businesses

Back in the day, software was one of the reasons companies had to worry when… they grew really fast. How come? Growing fast has the company face new challenges, including scalability. In order to increase volume, new investments in software had to be made. That involved hiring new people, buying more copies and deep reorganization. SaaS, on the other hand, grows along with your business. When your current plan no longer covers your requirements, you choose a new one at a click of a button. And everything you need as a rapid growing company is instantly available and still affordable.


#5. SaaS solutions mean security

Since SaaS software is maintained in the cloud by an expert team of developers and security specialists, quality SaaS services are exceptionally secure. Most of the time, you don’t have to worry about taking security measures yourself. You benefit from automatic backups and data recovery so that your valuable data is always safe and sound.

Quality SaaS solutions work seamlessly, in the background, doing its job properly and not bothering you with stuff that is irrelevant for you company. As a result, you can fully focus on what matters most to you – actually running your business.

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