10 reasons why digital marketing and expert IT subcontractor are a perfect match

Do you want to hire IT subcontractor, but still have some doubts? Find out why hiring software subcontractor works for marketing agencies and teams and pick a trustworthy partner today.


IT subcontracting is a sensitive area that few marketing specialists want to talk about openly. Some believe that turning to IT subcontractors for help is akin to admitting defeat. Some may be afraid of having to share credit. However, the truth is that as long as you can find a valuable software subcontractor, the list of advantages far outweighs any kind difficulties. Learn 10 reasons why your marketing agency or team should hire IT subcontractor today.


1. No marketing agency can do it all alone

As an agency or team with strong digital background, you come up on a daily basis with great software ideas that will let your wildest marketing ideas flourish. It may be an eCommerce platform with a plethora of customizations, a web app that will carry the weight of massive marketing campaign or even an app that powers devices. You can’t possibly expect yourself to be able to come up with great marketing ideas to utilize their potential and still handle all the technology yourself. That would call for a large and costly team with individuals of various skills – front-end web development, graphic web design, back-end languages and IoT devices integrations. And the more ideas and creativity you have, the more of it you will need. There has to be a better way.


2. You can have IT subcontractor create amazing software and still get all the credit

Once you come up with an exciting software idea, you can have a software house develop it for you. And since it is your company that actually communicates with the customer, it feels almost as if you developed it yourself. And in way, it is not far from truth. It is after all up to your company to find trustworthy software subcontractor, present the idea and communicate with it during the entire software development process. The IT subcontractor becomes an extension of your own capability. And to the final customer, it makes absolutely no difference as long as the product is delivered on time.


3. You only pay when you actually need them

In one of our previous articles, we tackled the issue of cost of outsourcing it services to help companies interested in web outsourcing find the optimal hourly rate. In the same article we argue that when accounted for extra costs (job benefits, equipment etc.) cost of hiring developers in-house starts approaching local outsourcing rates. It’s still lower, though, but there is more to it. As an agency specialized in digital marketing services, your need of skilled developers may vary greatly over time. Sometimes you need need a lot, at other times you may not need them at all. But if you hire developers in-house, you have to pay them always. With software houses that use the time and material method, you only pay for the actual work performed by your software subcontractor. It gives you enormous flexibility in changing the intensity of software development work you do.


4. The smaller your team is, the easier it is to manage and maintain

Since you don’t have to hire nearly as many developers, you can focus on your core marketing competence, maintaining smaller team, more specialized, much easier to manage and less costly. This may well make up for additional management effort created by hiring an IT subcontractor. Increased difficulty of project management is arguably the most common disadvantage associated with hiring external software subcontractor.


5. You can increase your productivity (virtually infinitely)

Have you landed three exciting customers all at the same time? If you cooperate with a software house that acts as your IT subcontractor, you can almost greatly increase your workload in a very short time, without having to worry about recruitment, which in the case of software development is a particularly tough nut to crack as skilled and experience developers are scarce and usually busy.


6. You can increase your efficiency by hiring skilled developers

Specialized software houses work around the clock to increase their software development competency, hiring and educating developers of all levels. The amount of time and effort it would take you to do the same is hardly ever account for. With a strong software subcontractor, you get instant access to skilled developers that do not need time to learn or adapt to any given technology.


7. You will (most likely) save some money

Aside of the reasons already mentioned, there is more to saving money with IT subcontractors. While it’s not always the case, you can end up paying less in taxes. Whether it;s the case with you, it’s up to your accountant. But it’s worth it to do the math beforehand to have clearer understanding of the cost-benefit ratio related to hiring an IT subcontractor.


8. You will definitely save a lot of time

That goes without saying. With a software subcontractor, you avoid having to spend so much as a second searching for skilled front-end web developers or Angular.JS developers yourself. This benefit may be potentially hindered by poor project management, but that simply means that you need to find a quality IT subcontractor that treats the topic of web development outsourcing communication problems seriously.


9. You may reduce your exposure to lawsuits

When you work with an IT subcontractor, you don’t need to worry about many typical causes of lawsuits related to hiring actual employees. Since IT subcontractors are considered businesses rather than individuals, you don’t have to pay extra for overtime or worry about consequences of terminating agreements with individual employees and much more.


10. You can contact a software subcontractor full of skilled developers and dedicated to marketing agencies right now

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