A system for the analysis of land subsidence due to changes in salt cavern convergence

Geomechanics software for the analysis of land subsidence

The customer

A German company specializing in the analysis of orogen mechanics, in particular in assessing the impact of underground works on the surface of land and building structures. The company has conducted numerous analyses of land subsidence due to changes in salt cavern convergence; it uses a proprietary method developed on the basis of their knowledge and years of experience and performs consultations for leading oil companies worldwide.

The problem

There are more than a thousand salt cavern storage areas – voids in salt mines used for the underground storage of liquids and gases (including gas and oil). Storing raw materials in salt caverns decreases their fire risk, reduces the amount of surface structures changing the landscape, minimizes the cost of construction of warehouses but also causes the subsidence of land located in the zone of its influence. The establishment and operation of the underground storage requires advanced geomechanics software to analyze the effects of the exploitation of storage caverns.

The solution

During the project we worked closely with the customer, who has a team of experts in the field of orogen mechanics. The project was implemented using LEAN methodology (on the basis of the initial information and numerous meetings we have been successfully developing new iterations of the computer system). The final stage of the work was to create a dedicated application with built-in algorithms to perform advanced calculations related to the geomechanical analysis and simulation of the caverns.


The system that was developed allows for fast, accurate and specialized analysis of land subsidence due to changes in the salt cavern storage convergence. With the implementation of an intuitive UI and precise definition of the criteria for the calculation we managed to achieve simplicity in the application. A result of the Cavern Laboratory implementation is the possibility of conducting research and generating results in the form of the parameters of the studied area. On that basis a trained person will be able to make key decisions during cavern exploitation.

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